Stillwater Civil Design, a Civil Engineer Napa Based Firm

Civil Engineer Napa

Stillwater Civil Design established in May of 2012 to provide professional civil engineering services to Northern California including the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. We are centrally located Civil Engineer Napa, California.

The Lead Civil Engineer and Founder of Stillwater Civil Design is, J. Rangel Gonzales, P.E., QSD/QSP. Rangel graduated from Humboldt State University in 2003 with a degree in Environmental Resources Engineering. Rangel began his career in Sacramento, California working as an environmental engineer. In 2007, Rangel moved to the Napa Valley where he began working as a civil engineer. Rangel is a licensed professional civil engineer in the State of California.

Stillwater Civil Design is a Civil Engineer Napa Valley Firm that offers a simple and direct approach in providing Civil Engineering Design and Services. We are a small, employee owned company with little overhead. Our simplistic business strategy allows us to offer extremely competitive rates while still providing excellent customer service and outstanding products.

For projects within the unincorporated lands of Napa County, projects will be permitted through the County of Napa Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department. Permits available through the Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department include Building Permits, Grading Permits, Septic System Permits, and Use Permits.

When learning what type of permit may be required for your development project, the best place to start is to visit the Napa County Planning and Conservation Division. If you development area has steep slopes, contains water resources such as a pond or a stream, can be seen from a major roadway or plans to grade over 1,000 cubic yards of material then special planning approvals may be required. Planning approvals such as a use permit may require a much longer review process and require additional fees.

It is very important to find out in what shape an existing septic system is in or to determine a suitable location for a new septic system. Regulatory Code for septic systems has changed substantially over the past 20-years and existing septic system must often times be improved to be brought up to current standards in order to obtain permitting through Napa County.

In order to obtain a building permit through Napa County you will need to show that the driveway servicing the property is up to current fire code, all the proposed structures are designed to current State of California Building Code, that there is adequate domestic water supply and that there is an adequate septic system. Often times in order to achieve a complete building permit application a property owner needs to hire a Building Designer or Architect, a Civil Engineer, a Geotechnical Engineer, and a Structural Engineer. It is often extremely helpful for a property owner to hire one of these consultants or to hire a General Contractor to act as the Project Manager to make sure that all the required design and required permit application items are completed. Napa County will not accept partial or incomplete permit applications.

Incorporated areas in Napa County include the City of American Canyon, the City of Napa, the Town of Yountville, the City of St. Helena and the City of Calistoga. If a property is located within one of these incorporated areas then building permits and planning department approval must be obtained directly from these agencies and not through Napa County. However, Napa County will still be required to permit septic systems and wells that are located within these incorporated areas.